What Makes Us Tick?

About the Proprietor

 tifferHudson is the proprietor of Cassoulet and Castle A Farms. Over the past 15 years she has spent much of her time volunteering her skills within the military and civilian community providing community and support services, organizing events, and providing information services. In her spare time she learned various old-world skills culminating in a two year stint (2006-2008) on a traditional family farm in Varcaturo, Italy. During her time there she learned the traditions of Mediterranean farming, dry farming, companion plantings, and food preservation. More importantly she also learned about the social weaving of daily life and grew to love the intermingling of family life, farm life, and community.
After Italy Tiffany settled in Bellingham to start her own homestead and bring some of the old world charm back to the states. Cassoulet is one of those methods, to provide the community a place to gather over good food and drinks, visit, share, learn, and grow our local community.

About the Chef

Martin woodsMartin Wood’s affinity for simply prepared cuisine began very early in his youth, having grown up in the kitchens of his grandfather and acquired a natural talent for preparing quality food. First attending culinary school at Penn Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, Martin then further refined his skill set via an externship in France. His resume includes serving as opening Sous Chef at Bastille, and service as Executive Chef at Re:Public. Martin thoroughly enjoys collaborating with other chefs, and believes that the first thing anyone should learn about cooking in the Pacific Northwest is that the bounty of this area’s products speak for themselves. His passion and ardent belief in good product treated properly and prepared simply makes him a genuine asset to Cassoulet Cafe.

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